2023-01-20 CALL at $45.0 Option on EBay


USD 42.89  1.22  2.93%   

2023-01-20 CALL at $45.0 is a CALL option contract on EBay's common stock with a strick price of 45.0 expiring on 2023-01-20. The contract was last traded on 2022-07-01 at 11:50:02 for $3.65 and, as of today, has 200 days remaining before the expiration. The option is currently trading at a bid price of $3.85, and an ask price of $3.95. The implied volatility as of the 4th of July is 37.4825.
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Call options on EBay give the investor right to buy EBay Stock at a specified price within a specific period. The strike price represents the predetermined price at which a call buyer can buy EBay Stock. Call options may be purchased for speculation or sold for income purposes, or simply combined for various spread or combination strategies. If EBay's price is above the strike price at expiry, the profit is the current EBay's stock price, minus the strike price and the premium.

Rule 16 of 2023-01-20 Option Contract

The options market is anticipating that EBay Inc will have an average daily up or down price movement of about 2.34% per day over the life of the option. With EBay trading at $42.89, that is roughly $1.0. If you think that the market is fully understating EBay's daily price movement you should consider buying EBay Inc options at that current volatility level of 37.48%. But if you have an opposite viewpoint you should avoid it and even consider selling them.

Out Of The Money Call Option on EBay

An 'Out of The Money' option on EBay has a strike price that EBay Stock has yet to reach, meaning the option has no intrinsic value. 'Out of The Money' options are usually less costly than 'In The Money' options, making them more desirable to traders with smaller amounts of capital. Some of the uses for EBay's 'Out of The Money' options include buying the options if you expect a big move in EBay's stock. Since 'Out of The Money' options have a lower up-front cost (i.e., no intrinsic value) than 'In The Money' options, buying it is a reasonable choice
Call Contract Name2023-01-20 CALL at $45.0
Expires On2023-01-20
Days Before Expriration200
Last Traded On2022-07-01 11:50:02
Contract PeriodMONTHLY
Open Interest167
Current Trading Volume10.0
Strike Price45.0
Last Traded At3.65
Current Price Spread3.85 | 3.95
Rule 16 Daily Up or Down$1.0

EBay short CALL Option Greeks

EBay's Option Greeks for the contract ending on 2023-01-20 at a strike price of 45.0 measures the various factors that affect its cost and calculated using a theoretical options pricing model. It helps investors make more informed decisions about whether to trade this option contract or when to trade it. In addition to EBay's option greeks, its implied volatility helps estimate the risk of EBay stock implied by the prices of the options on EBay's stock.

EBay long CALL Option Payoff at expiration

Buying EBay's call option is the simplest of option trades. A call option on EBay Stock gives investors the right (but not the obligation) to purchase EBay at the given strike price. Therefore EBay's call intrinsic value or payoff at expiration depends on where the EBay Stock price is relative to the call option strike price. The strike price of 45.0 is the critical point that divides the payoff function into two parts. Below the strike, the payoff chart is constant and negative (the trade is a loss). Above the strike, the payoff line is upward sloping as the option payoff rises in proportion with EBay's price. Finally, at the break-even point of 48.9, the line crosses zero, and trading EBay becomes profitable.
      EBay Price At Expiration 

EBay short CALL Option Payoff at expiration

By selling EBay's call option, the investors signals his or her bearish sentiment. A short position in a call option written on EBay will generally make money when the underlying price goes down. Therefore EBay's call intrinsic value or payoff at expiration depends on where the EBay Stock price is relative to the call option strike price. The strike price of 45.0 is the critical point that divides the payoff function into two parts. Below the strike, the payoff chart is constant and positive (the seller makes a profit). Above the strike, the payoff line is downward sloping as the option payoff drops in proportion to EBay's price. Finally, at the break-even point of 48.9, the line crosses zero, and trading EBay becomes disadvantageous with no downside limits.
      EBay Price At Expiration 
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EBay Inc Available Call Options

EBay's option chain is a display of a range of information that helps investors for ways to trade options on EBay. In general, an option chain provides a helpful tool for investors to see all available option contracts, both puts, and calls, for EBay. It also shows strike prices and maturity days for a EBay against a given expiration period. The table below combines all the option information in the form of a chain but before you use it, remember that it entails significant risk and it is not for everyone.
DeltaGammaOpen IntExpirationCurrent SpreadLast Price
2022-07-08 CALL at $25.00.98510.003302022-07-0817.8 - 18.10.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $30.00.98560.00502022-07-0812.8 - 13.0513.08In
2022-07-08 CALL at $30.50.97830.006802022-07-0812.3 - 12.60.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $31.00.9660.009402022-07-0811.75 - 12.00.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $31.50.98380.006302022-07-0811.3 - 11.550.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $32.00.98310.006802022-07-0810.8 - 11.050.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $32.50.98240.007402022-07-0810.3 - 10.550.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $33.00.98160.008102022-07-089.75 - 10.10.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $33.50.99180.004902022-07-089.3 - 9.50.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $34.00.99140.005402022-07-088.8 - 9.00.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $34.50.97880.010702022-07-088.3 - 8.550.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $35.00.97760.011902022-07-087.75 - 8.10.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $35.50.98990.007602022-07-087.3 - 7.50.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $36.00.98920.008502022-07-086.8 - 7.00.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $36.50.98860.009702022-07-086.3 - 6.50.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $37.00.98780.011102022-07-085.8 - 6.00.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $37.50.98680.012902022-07-085.3 - 5.50.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $38.00.98570.015102022-07-084.8 - 5.00.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $38.50.9490.036302022-07-084.35 - 4.550.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $39.00.93050.047402022-07-083.85 - 4.10.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $39.50.92360.05702022-07-083.4 - 3.550.0In
2022-07-08 CALL at $40.00.88640.075912022-07-082.91 - 3.154.85In
2022-07-08 CALL at $40.50.84810.095702022-07-082.48 - 2.692.09In
2022-07-08 CALL at $41.00.79920.118112022-07-082.08 - 2.241.99In
2022-07-08 CALL at $41.50.74390.1438612022-07-081.69 - 1.791.44In
2022-07-08 CALL at $42.00.66690.1647472022-07-081.33 - 1.440.99In
2022-07-08 CALL at $42.50.58450.1906372022-07-081.02 - 1.091.02In
2022-07-08 CALL at $43.00.48680.19771422022-07-080.74 - 0.810.75Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $43.50.39020.19031312022-07-080.51 - 0.580.54Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $44.00.30190.1722192022-07-080.35 - 0.390.38Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $44.50.22160.14821972022-07-080.22 - 0.270.25Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $45.00.15090.11972492022-07-080.14 - 0.180.15Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $45.50.11260.09322412022-07-080.1 - 0.120.09Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $46.00.08350.07181932022-07-080.07 - 0.090.06Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $46.50.06310.0555292022-07-080.05 - 0.070.04Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $47.00.05130.04451812022-07-080.04 - 0.050.05Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $47.50.0370.0335322022-07-080.03 - 0.040.05Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $48.00.03090.0274592022-07-080.03 - 0.040.03Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $48.50.0290.024202022-07-080.0 - 0.040.0Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $49.00.02020.0178812022-07-080.02 - 0.040.02Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $49.50.02270.017822022-07-080.02 - 0.030.02Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $50.00.03350.02122402022-07-080.0 - 0.070.02Out
2022-07-08 CALL at $51.00.03080.0179442022-07-080.01 - 0.080.03Out

EBay Investors Sentiment

The influence of EBay's investor sentiment on the probability of its price appreciation or decline could be a good factor in your decision-making process regarding taking a position in EBay. The overall investor sentiment generally increases the direction of a stock movement in a one-year investment horizon. However, the impact of investor sentiment on the entire stock markets does not have a solid backing from leading economists and market statisticians.

EBay Implied Volatility

EBay's implied volatility exposes the market's sentiment of EBay Inc stock's possible movements over time. However, it does not forecast the overall direction of its price. In a nutshell, if EBay's implied volatility is high, the market thinks the stock has potential for high price swings in either direction. On the other hand, the low implied volatility suggests that EBay stock will not fluctuate a lot when EBay's options are near their expiration.
Some investors attempt to determine whether the market's mood is bullish or bearish by monitoring changes in market sentiment. Unlike more traditional methods such as technical analysis, investor sentiment usually refers to the aggregate attitude towards EBay in the overall investment community. So, suppose investors can accurately measure the market's sentiment. In that case, they can use it for their benefit. For example, some tools to gauge market sentiment could be utilized using contrarian indexes, EBay's short interest history, or implied volatility extrapolated from EBay options trading.

Current Sentiment - EBAY

EBay Inc Investor Sentiment

Majority of Macroaxis users are currently bullish on EBay Inc. What is your opinion about investing in EBay Inc? Are you bullish or bearish?
98% Bullish
2% Bearish

Pair Trading with EBay

One of the main advantages of trading using pair correlations is that every trade hedges away some risk. Because there are two separate transactions required, even if EBay position performs unexpectedly, the other equity can make up some of the losses. Pair trading also minimizes risk from directional movements in the market. For example, if an entire industry or sector drops because of unexpected headlines, the short position in EBay will appreciate offsetting losses from the drop in the long position's value.

EBay Pair Correlation

Correlation Analysis For Direct Indexing and Tax-loss Harvesting

The ability to find closely correlated positions to EBay could be a great tool in your tax-loss harvesting strategies, allowing investors a quick way to find a similar-enough asset to replace EBay when you sell it. If you don't do this, your portfolio allocation will be skewed against your target asset allocation. So, investors can't just sell and buy back EBay - that would be a violation of the tax code under the "wash sale" rule, and this is why you need to find a similar enough asset and use the proceeds from selling EBay Inc to buy it.
The correlation of EBay is a statistical measure of how it moves in relation to other equities. This measure is expressed in what is known as the correlation coefficient, which ranges between -1 and +1. A perfect positive correlation (i.e., a correlation coefficient of +1) implies that as EBay moves, either up or down, the other security will move in the same direction. Alternatively, perfect negative correlation means that if EBay Inc moves in either direction, the perfectly negatively correlated security will move in the opposite direction. If the correlation is 0, the equities are not correlated; they are entirely random. A correlation greater than 0.8 is generally described as strong, whereas a correlation less than 0.5 is generally considered weak.
Correlation analysis and pair trading evaluation for EBay can also be used as hedging techniques within a particular sector or industry or even over random equities to generate a better risk-adjusted return on your portfolios.
Pair CorrelationCorrelation Matching
Continue to Investing Opportunities. Note that the EBay Inc information on this page should be used as a complementary analysis to other EBay's statistical models used to find the right mix of equity instruments to add to your existing portfolios or create a brand new portfolio. You can also try Portfolio Holdings module to check your current holdings and cash postion to detemine if your portfolio needs rebalancing.

Complementary Tools for EBay Stock analysis

When running EBay Inc price analysis, check to measure EBay's market volatility, profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, growth potential, financial leverage, and other vital indicators. We have many different tools that can be utilized to determine how healthy EBay is operating at the current time. Most of EBay's value examination focuses on studying past and present price action to predict the probability of EBay's future price movements. You can analyze the entity against its peers and financial market as a whole to determine factors that move EBay's price. Additionally, you may evaluate how the addition of EBay to your portfolios can decrease your overall portfolio volatility.
Stock Tickers
Use high-impact, comprehensive, and customizable stock tickers that can be easily integrated to any websites
Insider Screener
Find insiders across different sectors to evaluate their impact on performance
Money Flow Index
Determine momentum by analyzing Money Flow Index and other technical indicators
Correlation Analysis
Reduce portfolio risk simply by holding instruments which are not perfectly correlated
Theme Ratings
Determine theme ratings based on digital equity recommendations. Macroaxis theme ratings are based on combination of fundamental analysis and risk-adjusted market performance
Bond Analysis
Evaluate and analyze corporate bonds as a potential investment for your portfolios.
Price Ceiling Movement
Calculate and plot Price Ceiling Movement for different equity instruments
Is EBay's industry expected to grow? Or is there an opportunity to expand the business' product line in the future? Factors like these will boost the valuation of EBay. If investors know EBay will grow in the future, the company's valuation will be higher. The financial industry is built on trying to define current growth potential and future valuation accurately. All the valuation information about EBay listed above have to be considered, but the key to understanding future value is determining which factors weigh more heavily than others.
Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY
Market Capitalization
24 B
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY
Return On Assets
Return On Equity
The market value of EBay Inc is measured differently than its book value, which is the value of EBay that is recorded on the company's balance sheet. Investors also form their own opinion of EBay's value that differs from its market value or its book value, called intrinsic value, which is EBay's true underlying value. Investors use various methods to calculate intrinsic value and buy a stock when its market value falls below its intrinsic value. Because EBay's market value can be influenced by many factors that don't directly affect EBay's underlying business (such as a pandemic or basic market pessimism), market value can vary widely from intrinsic value.
Please note, there is a significant difference between EBay's value and its price as these two are different measures arrived at by different means. Investors typically determine EBay value by looking at such factors as earnings, sales, fundamental and technical indicators, competition as well as analyst projections. However, EBay's price is the amount at which it trades on the open market and represents the number that a seller and buyer find agreeable to each party.