Compare Working Capital Across Equities

You can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible positions. Check out your portfolio center.
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Cross Equities Working Capital Analysis

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ALNA64.7 M64.7 M64.7 M64.7 M64.7 M64.7 M46 M88.5 M58.7 M22.1 M31.1 M17.3 M17.8 M
WMT596 M(7.3 B)(11.9 B)(8.2 B)(2 B)(4.4 B)(4.4 B)(4.4 B)(4.4 B)(4.4 B)(4.4 B)(5 B)(5.4 B)
INTC31.1 B13.8 B31.1 B31.1 B31.1 B31.1 B15.2 B31.1 B31.1 B31.1 B31.1 B15.2 B17.9 B
MRK16.9 B16.9 B16.5 B17.8 B14.2 B10.6 B13.4 B6.2 B3.7 B5.3 B437 M6.4 B7.6 B
MMM6.8 B6.8 B7.4 B5.2 B6.3 B3.9 B5.5 B6.6 B6.5 B3.7 BB6.4 B5.9 B
CSCO50 B50 B50 B50 B50 B18.2 B18.2 B18.2 B18.2 B18.2 B12.9 B11.6 B11.9 B
GE24.2 B24.2 B24.2 B24.2 B24.2 B24.2 B24.2 B24.2 B24.2 B24.2 B30.2 B14.4 B17.2 B

Focus Financial Partners, Allena Pharmaceuticals, Walmart, Intel Corp, Merck Company, 3M Company, American Express, Cisco Systems, and General Electric Working Capital description

Working capital measures the difference between Current Assets and Current Liabilities.

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