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You can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible positions. Check out your portfolio center.
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Cross Equities Free Cash Flow Analysis

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FNLC28.5 M28.5 M23.3 M22.6 M19.8 M19.8 M19.1 M20.2 M32.4 M24.5 M20.2 M52.9 M42.8 M
BCH(475.2 B)(475.2 B)(433.6 B)(151.5 B)(250.1 B)(1670.6 B)134.9 B850 B(1359.2 B)1345.6 B(2500.4 B)2971.7 B3206.3 B
BFC7.7 M7.7 M7.7 M7.7 M7.7 M7.7 M13.1 M15.5 M15.6 M15.4 M35.9 M32.1 M28.1 M
BHB12.4 M12.4 M17.2 M19.2 M13.5 M18.5 M12.5 M37.2 M32.9 M20.9 M14.8 M59 M63.7 M
BKU(291.2 M)(291.2 M)(422.7 M)(251.2 M)(176.6 M)32.1 M220.5 M224 M685.9 M571.9 M844.6 M1.2 B1.3 B
BLX178 M178 M94.3 M54.1 M(266.6 M)267.8 M624.7 M581.4 M(278.5 M)(194.2 M)1.1 B(973.1 M)(998.7 M)
BMA813.1 M813.1 M4.1 B1.9 B4.2 B4.2 B12.2 B(30.6 B)154.2 B28.5 B180.8 B44.7 B44.8 B
MBIN118 M118 M118 M118 M118 M118 M(150.9 M)(176.7 M)195.2 M(1.3 B)(878.5 M)(52.9 M)(57 M)

First Bancorp, Banco DE Chile, Bank First National, Bar Harbor Bankshares, BankUnited, Banco Latinoamericano, Banco Macro SA, and Merchants Bancorp Free Cash Flow description

Free Cash Flow is a measure of financial performance calculated as Net Cash Flow from Operations minus Capital Expenditure.

Use Investing Themes to Complement your positions

You can quickly originate your optimal portfoio using our predefined set of ideas and optimize them against your very unique investing style. A single investing idea is a collection of funds, stocks, ETFs, or cryptocurrencies that are programmatically selected from a pull of investment themes. After you determine your investment opportunity, you can then find an optimal portfolio that will maximize potential returns on the chosen idea or minimize its exposure to market volatility.

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Run Healthcare Funds Thematic Idea Now

Healthcare Funds
Healthcare Funds Theme
Funds or Etfs investing in medical and healthcare goods or services as well as hospital management or maintenance organizations. The Healthcare Funds theme has 40 constituents.
You can either use a buy-and-hold strategy to lock in the entire theme or actively trade it to take advantage of the short-term price volatility of individual constituents. Macroaxis can help you discover thousands of investment opportunities in different asset classes. In addition, you can partner with us for reliable portfolio optimization as you plan to utilize Healthcare Funds Theme or any other thematic opportunities.
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Check out your portfolio center. Note that this page's information should be used as a complementary analysis to find the right mix of equity instruments to add to your existing portfolios or create a brand new portfolio. You can also try Pair Correlation module to compare performance and examine fundamental relationship between any two equity instruments.

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