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You can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible positions. Check out your portfolio center.
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Cross Equities Earnings before Tax Analysis

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AVLNF(8.7 M)(11.2 M)(11.2 M)(5.8 M)(3.5 M)(4 M)(3.7 M)(3.5 M)(3.5 M)(5.4 M)(5.4 M)(6.2 M)(6.7 M)
BHP31 B22.8 B17.9 B20.6 B5.6 B(4.3 B)10.3 B10.7 B13.8 B12.7 B21.9 B19.7 B16.6 B
BMTNF(729 K)(256.4 K)(233.6 K)(626.7 K)(549.3 K)(549.3 K)(549.3 K)(549.3 K)(549.3 K)(549.3 K)(549.3 K)(494.3 K)(533.4 K)
BNAUF(25.4 M)(21.5 M)(10.3 M)(8.3 M)(12.2 M)(12.2 M)(12.2 M)(12.2 M)(12.2 M)(12.2 M)(12.2 M)(14.1 M)(15.2 M)

ALCAN INC, AMERICAN EAGLE ENERGY, ASARCO INC, Avalon Advanced Materials, Bhp Billiton, BATTLE MOUNTAIN GOLD, and BATTLE NORTH GOLD Earnings before Tax description

Earnings Before Tax is calculated by adding Income Tax Expense back to Net Income.

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