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Advanced wealth management and portfolio analytics which any investor can quickly apply and understand

When you create your portfolio, we can analyze and tell you how well you are doing with respect to other investors. Our tools can tell you how much better you can do without increasing your risk. Also you don't need to be a financial guru to understand the results. You can easily evaluate how the securities in a portfolio work in combination with each other (correlations) to minimize risk or maximize expected return. All this is presented in an easy to understand format. At Macroaxis we believe stock market investment is fun and the process of researching and trading should be as enjoyable as the money you make on your investments.  
Portfolio Rebalancing

Robust suggestion module that automatically finds better stocks and better performing portfolios

Portfolio Suggestions
     Macroaxis uses power of Mathematics to analyze your investment and offer various tweaks to increase the return on your investment, help to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk. Our suggestion module synthetically manufactures efficient portfolios out of your existing portfolios based on market risk reduction through examining of asset correlation and utilizing mean-variance portfolio optimization. The bottom line is: Macroaxis provides few alternative ways to find optimal portfolios, which gives users full control over the concentration of individual securities in the portfolio.

Comprehensive and powerful portfolio optimization engine that anybody can utilize in a few seconds

Macroaxis is not a store with a predefined pool of model portfolios. On the contrary, Macroaxis communicates complex investment analytics in the context of Modern Portfolio Theory. Regardless of your background, budget, or investment philosophy, you will find our platform useful in building optimal portfolios for yourself or your clients. Our implementation of portfolio optimization and educated portfolio diversification is based on simplicity, speed, accessibility, and enhanced user experience, making technology that was once accessible only to professional money managers available to the entire investing community.  
Portfolio Optimization
Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio management framework that detects even the smallest changes in portfolios and market conditions

Macroaxis provides an intuitive interface to determine which securities in a portfolio should be removed or rebalanced to achieve better diversification. In other words, we help investors to find the right mix of securities that minimizes portfolio risk for a given return, or maximize portfolio's expected return for a given risk level. We analyze your portfolio using complex mathematical models and algorithms. Since we use highly sophisticated statistical models to evaluate portfolios, investors always know if their investments are on track. All this is done without downloading a single piece of software.

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A rational investor should not take on any diversifiable risk, as only non-diversifiable risks are rewarded. Therefore, the required return on an asset that compensates for risk taken, must be linked to its riskiness in a portfolio context as opposed to its stand alone riskiness.
Personalized investing with Portfolio Optimization