Optimize coins into a portfolio

Use our cryptocurrency optimization module to reduce some of your inherited risks by holding a diversified portfolio of volatile digital assets or mixing digital assets with more traditional equity instruments such as stocks, funds, and ETFs. Please also try our Cryptocurrency Correlations module, or start creating your first, fully optimized, cryptocurrency portfolio.
Cryptocurrency Portfolio Optimizer picks the optimal portfolio from the efficient frontier based on your investment objectives and risk preferences. Then, it evaluates the optimal portfolio, along with its total risk, expected return, and Sharpe ratio. As a rational crypto investor, your main objective is to outperform your existing portfolio on a risk-return scale. Therefore, the primary assumption of this model is that a reasonable investor will not select a portfolio if another portfolio exists with a superior risk-return tradeoff.
The Cryptocurrency Portfolio Optimization module is built on classical mean-variance optimization techniques introduced by Harry Markowitz in his paper titled 'Portfolio Selection' published in 1952 in The Journal of Finance. Our approach to portfolio optimization relies not only on the mathematical model to allocate digital assets based on a volatility of returns and elimination of non-systematic risk but also on investors' unique behavioral patterns and habits they exhibit when utilizing our tools.