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The Macroaxis Portfolio Master enables you to view all your portfolios as a sorted flat list. It allows you to quickly access, analyze, and optimize all of your portfolios. You can also clone your portfolio for faster analysis and optimization. Macroaxis helps you identify problematic portfolios and provide valuable opportunities to tweak your positions to increase risk-adjusted return across all your holdings. Select one of your portfolios to continue.

Portfolio Master allows you to view and manage all your portfolios check automated score of all your portfolios as a whole, to filter your portfolios, and to drill down to all of the features associated with each portfolio that are available to you. It shows asset allocation between all of your portfolios and their risk-return landscape. You can Create, Clone, View, Manage, Search, Rebalance and Optimize all of your existing portfolios to increase your risk-adjusted return and to achieve better diversification across of all your holdings To access the Portfolio Master, click on the Portfolios menu item. To create a new portfolio you first need to be registered and active Macroaxis user (either free or paid). Once your account is activated, creating a portfolio is easy:
Click Add Portfolio link or button
Name your portfolio
Click OK button
You do not need to worry too much about which of the optional attributes to select when creating portfolios. As you continue using our service you will learn and develop your own methodology on how to utilize various filtering options to create your personal and unique portfolio management system.
Please note, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX) have recently merged. Although Macroaxis has implemented solutions to handle this transition gracefully, you may still find some securities that may not be fully transferred from one exchange to another.