Need Stock Tickers?

Macroaxis provides high-impact, comprehensive, and customizable stock tickers that can be easily integrated into websites, investment portals, financial blogs, or financial online media outlets. The near-real-time stock tickers cover markets from over 30 countries and can include stocks, funds, ETFs, indexes, news, or custom-built financial information. You can grab a free stock ticker or a paid version without any advertisement or reference to

What are Stock Tickers?

Stock tickers report prices or other related information of various financial instruments and are embedded in a standard HTML document to be presented on websites. They are updated continuously throughout the trading session either in real-time or on delayed bases. Many business-related websites, portals, or forums show stock tickers and you have probably seen them scrolling at the top or bottom of the web pages. Stock tickers report prices or other related information of various financial instruments and are embedded in a standard HTML document to be presented on websites. They are updated continuously throughout the trading session either in real-time or on delayed bases. Many business-related websites, portals, or forums show stock tickers, and you have probably seen them scrolling at the top or bottom of the web pages.

Stock Ticker History

The very first stock ticker is attributed to an American Edward Calahan who introduced it in 1867. Edward Calahan was an employee of the American Telegraph Company, and this is why it was initially called "Ticker Tape." In 1872, just a few years later, Thomas Edison created his own stock ticker based on Edward Calahan's invention. He patented it and made it more efficient.

Stock Tickers Today

As financial technology evolved and financial data aggregation became very fast, we can now see stock tickers on top or at the bottom of the commercial news networks, television programs, and billboards. A limited number of stocks appear on the stock ticker during any particular period, due to a large number of stocks trading at the same time. Often, the stocks with the most significant change in price from the previous day's trading session, or those selling under the highest volume appear on the stock ticker.
Macroaxis Stock Ticker

A ticker symbol usually represents particular security listed on one of the exchanges or traded publicly for a given market. When a given entity issues its securities to the public, it selects an available ticker symbol for its securities that investors or traders use to place orders or look up prices. Every listed security has a unique ticker symbol, facilitating the vast array of trade orders that flow through the financial markets every day. The ticker typically shows the ticker symbol, the price change, and percentage change from the previous day. We provide stock tickers of many different flavors out of the box, including stock tickers that you can customize per your specifications.

Want to install your first stock ticker?

Below are few examples our our stock tickers for your to try. You can quickly integrate one ore more of Macroaxis stock tickers on your site in under a minute for free. Alternatively, if you need any customization, you can opt into our paid subscription. Drop us a line and we'll work with you to make it happen. Contact us for custom implementation.
Global Index TickerShows horizontally scrolling indexes from major markets including the Americas, Asia, and Europe
Global Vertical Index TickerShows vertically scrolling indexes of major world markets
Basic Stock TickerEasily customizable stock ticker that supports major markets around the world.
Trending Stock TickerA perfect stock ticker to share any custom watch list with the world through your web site or blog
Cryptocurrency TickerShows horizontally scrolling cryptocurrency prices across major exchanges
Simple Equity TickerVery responsive, customizable, horizontally scrolling stock ticker
Flexible Stock TickerSmall, horizontally scrolling stock ticker to show-case either one or multiple equities

Benefits using Macroaxis stock tickers

Macroaxis stock tickers can be syndicated either individually or as part of pre-configured bundles. Tickers can also come with specific themes, including logos, colors, border, background color, or composition. All of our stock tickers are responsive and will adjust (or resize) depending on the screen size. Typically, the ticker symbol and the price change will appear color-coded using green if the price is higher, and red if the price is lower. If the price of the underlying security is unchanged, the ticker's arrow may be gray or merely absent. You can also use tickers that scroll vertically if your page design requires a unique layout. The additional benefits to our subscriber also include the following:
Traffic boost and web footprint increase to attract advertisers
Instant quote delivery for stock, funds, ETFs or pink sheets
Content integration with no web development skills required
Data feeds syndication via self-updating presentation bundle
Our hosted stock ticker catalog helps gain a competitive advantage by enabling you to integrate a world-class financial content in the most flexible, cost-effective way possible. The Macroaxis solution for stock tickers and financial content deliver is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that includes a robust set of cross-site scripting methodology that makes it easy and convenient to integrate into your existing web site. It does not require any modifications to your existing database or schema and can be running on your site in less than a minute.

Symbols Used on Stock Tickers

Traditionally, the term ticker referred to the noise made by the actual ticker tape machines once widely used by stock exchanges. Historically, different companies could have similar or identical ticker symbols as they varied between the dozens of individual stock markets. However, in America, the symbols used by public exchanges and displayed on most stock tickers were developed by Standard & Poor's (S&P) to bring general conventions to investing and trading. The S&P system was eventually adopted by the securities industry and modified as years passed. Although some companies use a popular product as their ticker symbol, most public entities use the abbreviated form of the company's name.

Generate Optimal Portfolios

The classical approach to portfolio optimization is known as Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). It involves categorizing the investment universe based on risk (standard deviation) and return, and then choosing the mix of investments that achieves the desired risk-versus-return tradeoff. Portfolio optimization can also be thought of as a risk-management strategy as every type of equity has a distinct return and risk characteristics as well as different systemic risks, which describes how they respond to the market at large. Macroaxis enables investors to optimize portfolios that have a mix of equities (such as stocks, funds, or ETFs) and cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero)
Fix your portfolio
By capturing your risk tolerance and investment horizon Macroaxis technology of instant portfolio optimization will compute exactly how much risk is acceptable for your desired return expectations
Check out your portfolio center. Note that this page's information should be used as a complementary analysis to find the right mix of equity instruments to add to your existing portfolios or create a brand new portfolio. You can also try Fundamental Analysis module to view fundamental data based on most recent published financial statements.

Other Complementary Tools

Idea Analyzer
Analyze all characteristics, volatility and risk-adjusted return of Macroaxis ideas
Headlines Timeline
Stay connected to all market stories and filter out noise. Drill down to analyze hype elasticity
Insider Screener
Find insiders across different sectors to evaluate their impact on performance
Global Correlations
Find global opportunities by holding instruments from different markets
Portfolio Suggestion
Get suggestions outside of your existing asset allocation including your own model portfolios
Pair Correlation
Compare performance and examine fundamental relationship between any two equity instruments
Idea Optimizer
Use advanced portfolio builder with pre-computed micro ideas to build optimal portfolio
My Watchlist Analysis
Analyze my current watchlist and to refresh optimization strategy. Macroaxis watchlist is based on self-learning algorithm to remember stocks you like
Correlation Analysis
Reduce portfolio risk simply by holding instruments which are not perfectly correlated
Portfolio Diagnostics
Use generated alerts and portfolio events aggregator to diagnose current holdings