Insider Directory of Corporate Executives

Norbert QuinkertAMGAMGExecutive201574
Nathalie HuitorelGNFTFGenfitExecutive200855
Nai Ng0841CASSAVA RESExecutive50
Nigel BurtonCLCOLGATE PALMOLIVEExecutive201255
Natalia Khvostova0KEKERNEL HLDG SExecutive2011
Nelson PreterBCHBanco DE ChileExecutive200264
Nina SmithCABJFCarlsburg As BExecutive201363
Nils PaellmannTMUST-Mobile USExecutive
Nathan ButlerNAUBFNational Australia BExecutive200841
Noel YoungALTAFMorella CorpExecutive2017
N VijaykumarPAELPAE LTDExecutive2011

Corporate Insider such as Corporate Executive is a common financial term that usually refers to C-Level executive or Vice President of a company. It can also be used as a term describing anyone that owns more than 10% of a company's voting shares. Corporate Insider practices are regulated by the SEC to impose very strict disclosure requirements on all insiders when they trade shares of their company on public or private exchanges.