The Macroaxis watchlist interface is where you keep track of your favorite stocks. Your watchlist is limited to 20 equities (stocks, etfs, funds or cryptocurrencies) that you may have in your portfolio or express interest to research. You can add additional equities to your watchlist simply by visiting an equity profile or by adding it explicitly using the search feature on top of this screen.
Volume  490.2 K1 hour ago  NYSE
Volume  5.1 K1 hour ago  OTC
Volume  3.1 M1 hour ago  OTC
Volume  220.1 K1 hour ago  NYSE
Volume  0few hours ago  OTC
Volume  0just now  NASDAQ
Volume  0just now  NASDAQ
Volume  994.6 K1 hour ago  Nasdaq
Volume  2.7 M1 hour ago  Nasdaq
Volume  755.2 K1 hour ago  NYSE
Volume  12.2 M1 hour ago  Nasdaq
Volume  1.2 M1 hour ago  NYSE
Volume  7.9 M6 mins ago  NYSE
Volume  3.5 M1 hour ago  NYSE